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Kelly Wendt United States

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About me


I live out in the "country", as most people would put it. I have a big pond in my front yard where my dogs love to swim and I love to fish! I like riding four wheelers in the woods by my house and horses along the back roads. I was born a city girl and ha


I love all music. Cliche, I know, but I do. There is a song for every situation and a song for every mood. Classical, when I'm working. Rock, when I'm driving. Rap, when I'm "singing". Soul, when I'm REALLY singing. And country to fill in every other blan

Movies and TV:

I love the T.V. show "Breaking Bad" and I am a sucker for "The Bachelor" - cheesy, right? As far as movies go, my favorite is Les Miserables. Yes, it's a musical, but it has an amazing story line that can relate to almost everyone. Even if you HATE musica


I grew up playing soccer and softball but in high school I played tennis and lacrosse. Tennis is my favorite (mostly because lacrosse is a LOT of running)! I love group activities and sports and I'm up for anything!


As mentioned, I love music. I play the piano and I try to play the guitar (my left-handedness makes it difficult). My sister is the artist in the family (working for Comedy Central) but I don't think my art is too shabby ;)